Are you logging my data and how secure is your environment?

There’s 2 aspects of this so let's address them separately.  The first aspect is your billing information.  Billing and CC information is handled entirely by Memberful and Stripe both of which are PCI complaint.

You can refer to and for further details.

The second aspect, which is actually under CodelessBot’s control, is the data you pass to us when using the plugins. Unless you are using a plugin that obviously requires a third-party endpoint, e.g. Airtable, your data NEVER leaves our environment after entering and is never shared with a third-party unless required by law.  Your data is sent to us using secure connections and strong ciphers.  Under normal circumstances we do not log the submitted data values.   It is only logged in rare cases where we believe there is a potential risk to our environment.  

For instance most of the data sent to our system has documented limits; and it is unreasonable and unexpected for a customer to transfer 1MB of data to our system repeatedly just to get the current time.  In such an anomalous case we may capture the data that’s sent to investigate.  Extra care was taken to mask sensitive data fields such as Airtable API tokens, Chatfuel Broadcast Tokens, cbot_secretkey, etc.. before they are stored in log files. These fields are masked, not encrypted, so there is no way to retrieve the unmasked value.

If data needs to be sent to a third party as part of expected use, e.g. Airtable, then secure connections would be used to pass the data onwards.  We would never implement or design a plugin that was not secure.  Security is always an active part of the design of a plugin from day 1.

Our CodelessBot API infrastructure is run entirely on AWS out of the North Virginia region.  All data is encrypted at rest and additionally hashed or encrypted at the field level when appropriate.  All inbound/outbound traffic is sent over secure connections.  Data is only retained for as long as absolutely necessary, typically 3 months.  All administrative tasks are logged.  At this time we do not have a reporting feature available for owners and admins, but if there is ever a concern that an unauthorized action took place such as an Access Key creation or modification of a global counter, the CodelessBot team can review the logs upon request..

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