Can I downgrade my plan at any time?

Yes, but there are caveats.  The change will not take effect until your next billing cycle and there is a possibility of data loss. 

If you have a monthly purchase, then the downgrade will apply next month.

If you have a yearly plan, the downgrade doesn’t take effect until the end of your yearly billing cycle.

Regardless of the type of billing cycle, you must also review and delete any excess items and ensure that you are within the limits of your new lower plan.

For instance when downgrading from a business plan to a starter plan, the number of admins and FotoScript designs you are allowed will be significantly less.

At the time that the downgrade goes into effect, if you have more items then is allowed for your new plan, then the system will notify you via email.  Depending on the specific nature of your downgrade, you will have 8-20 days to remove the excess items or the system will automatically begin deleting data to bring you within the limits of your plan.

The warning email will specify exactly how many days are remaining before auto deletion.  You will receive a final warning email 48 hours before deletion.

Downgrade grace periods are as follows:

  • 8 days   --  monthly plan to monthly plan
  • 14 days  --  annual plan to monthly plan
  • 20 days --  annual plan to annual plan

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