How do I know if there are errors calling CodelessBot?

It’s best practice to design your Bot to notify you when there is an unexpected response when calling CodelessBot.  This will let you know that an error has occurred.

One of the most likely reason for an error is an invalid input or typos. In other words, you did not enter in the right information when you were setting up the plugin!

To determine WHY the error is occurring, each supported Bot platform has a built in test connection button for third-party connections.

Important: For Chatfuel, there is currently a bug that prevents the use of user attributes in the JSON API URL when using the "Test the request" button.  To test, we recommend that you:

  1.  COPY the JSON API card
  2.  Replace the user attributes cbot_accesskey and cbot_secretkey in the copied JSON API card with the actual values.
  3.  Click the "Test the request" button to test.
  4.  Delete the copied JSON API Card when you are done testing.

You can also run a report from the CodelessBot Dashboard.  To do this:

  1. Click Settings on the left hand navigation menu.
  2. Then click Run Report under Interaction History.  The CSV generated will show the last 10,000 qualifying log entries. 
  3. Check the result and error-message columns in the report. 

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