I'm out of interactions. How do I purchase more?

To purchase additional interactions:

  1. Login to CodelessBot
  2. Click on Setting in the bottom left hand corner
  3. Then, click on the "+ Interactions" button next to "CodelessBot subscription"
  4. Click on the button "Purchase Interactions" in the top right
  5. Select an interaction package and enter your credit card information
  6. Once your make your purchase, the additional interactions will be applied to your account within 5 minutes.

Note: Unused interactions do not "roll-over" to the next month and any interactions added to your account will expire at the end of the month. You can also purchase a bundle and "split" the number of interactions between 2 months.


Suppose it's March 30 and you're running a 10 day challenge. It's only Day 2 and you're already running low on interactions. You can purchase 50,000 interactions and add 10,000 interactions to March. The remaining 40,000 interactions will be applied in April.




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