What is a temporary key?

At some point it may be necessary for you to change the access and secret key within your Bot.  Which means you might need to individually update multiple flows or blocks within your Bot.  To help you do this, you can make use of the temp key. Here's how:

  1. Create the temp key (from the Settings Tab in the CodelessBot Dashboard)
  2. Save your temp access key and secret key in a save location
  3. Switch out the keys in your Bot and testing each change to make sure that it's working properly
  4. Delete the old access key. Your temp key will automatically be "promoted" to a standard key.  

Note: Temp keys are only valid for 30 days.  The point of the temp is to to help you switch out your access keys that has been comprised. It is not meant as a secondary key for you to use on a long term basis.

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