What is an access key and secret key?

An access key and secret key is the CodelessBot equivalent of a username and password.  Both are automatically assigned when the key is created.

The username alone will not enable access to make requests to CodelessBot and can referenced when troubleshooting with tech support.  As an extra precaution you should avoid disclosing it, if it's not absolutely necessary.

The secret key MUST at all times be kept "secret".

We will never ask you to share your secret key with us.  It is never logged in our system and only displayed ONCE when you create the key.  If you ever share the design of your Bot (either through screenshots or webinars), always ensure that the secret key is not shown.

If you believe the key has been compromised, immediately delete it and create a new key.

To manage your Access Keys you'll need to log into the CodelessBot Dashboard.

Important: If you've lost your secret key, you'll need to delete the key and create a new one.

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