When is the fallback message used?

CodelessBot will generate a personalized message using all the custom fields you specify in the message textbox.  Since you are creating personalized images with different custom fields for each subscriber, you cannot be certain that the message will fit in the textbox! 

That's where the fallback message can help. If your main message is too long (because the custom field is too long), FotoScript will display the fallback message instead of the main message!

If you do not enter a fallback message and the main message is too big to fit, your message will automatically be truncated.

Think of the fallback message as your "insurance policy". It should only be triggered by a small amount of users who have "extremely long" custom field values.

So when it comes to designing your main message, be sure to modify the textbox size that can work for as many subscribers as possible.  You can also enter in some sample text and "preview" to see how various custom field values will fit into your design.

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